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Dr. Kapoor Clinic | World class and highly effective HERBAL formulations for the permanent cure of Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.), Premature Ejaculation (Early Discharge), Low Libido, Low Testosterone, Oligospermia, Dilute & less Quantity of semen. Home supply worldwide.

Our customised “HealthPLUS”: A great Herbal "Health Builder for 45+". It’s a 100% assurance to keep you Healthy, Active, Energetic and Full of Stamina as well as Strength from 45 to 75 yrs. of age. Call us for your health reports. Cell/ WhatsApp: +91 94179 40007.

Our “HealthPLUS”: is a Proven Formulation containing the established Health-building herbal extracts that are exclusively made for all forms of Weakness and Poor Muscle Tone up to the age of 75 yrs.

IDEAL for Mature, Elderly, Diabetics, Hypertensives.


Get Free Consultation from the Best Specialists by phone or Online for your sex problems. (Please be brief). Cell: +91 94179 40007 Email: drkapoor11@gmail.com


We provide opportunities for everyone suffering from sex problems to enjoy their sexual life at the most affordable price & best results.


Consultants are senior doctors that have got full medical experience in treating long standing sexual problems.


Our "medical staff professionals" need to access the origin of the problem. Work on all the options how our client can get best treatment for his sex problem(s).

Our Medical Services

We are a team of professional Urologists and Sexologists. We work to provide the Advanced Super-Sex Treatment. .We provides customized medicine for Rock Hard Erection with all New Formula that Attacks the Root. We provide the world-class treatment for all the SEX-RELATED ailments. We treat all our clients are as VIPs. You can opt to the world acclaimed and highly effective treatment with your total satisfaction.

Have a question. Call/ WhatsApp: +91 94179 40007 (Audio call only). 9 am to 8 pm IST. Sunday closed.

Enhance Libido

Along with taking our “Rock-Power” or “Jumbo-Power”, follow the below mentioned life style sincerely.They can help boost your libido and enhance your sex life.

Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Along with taking “Rock-Power” or “Jumbo-Power”, follow the below mentioned tips to better protect your Erection.

Maintain Erection for Longer Time

Along with taking “Rock-Power” or “Jumbo-Power”, follow the below mentioned tips to better maintain erection for longer time.

Stop Early Ejaculation

Along with taking “Rock-Power” or “Jumbo-Power”, follow the following technique to delay your ejaculation.

Boost Testosterone Level

Along with taking “Rock-Power” or “Jumbo-Power”, follow these six Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels.

Treat oligospermia

Along with taking our “Sperm-Booster” Medicine, you are advised to follow very sincerely the below mentioned six tips to boost the sperm count.

Know Your Doctor

Dr. Kapoor Senior SEXOLOGIST

Dr. Kapoor Senior SEXOLOGIST and his team of sex specialists have been treating the patients, world wide from last 35+ years. He and his team work very sincerity and utmost dedication for an individual client because he considers them as our VIP clients.

Dr. Kapoor started the service of humanity with rare, pure and highly effective ayurvedic medicine known briefly as "HERBS” Dr.Kapoor treats SEX specific problems that the humanity is suffering from. Highly effective treatment is provided to the patients for the total eradication of their long standing Erectile Dysfunction, Early Ejaculation, Low Libido and Oligospermia or any other specific problem.

Since a few years back Dr. Kapoor has developed the international brand as "Dr. Kapoor Clinic”. This clinic has cured thousands of patients in India and abroad. He cured thousands of patients and has a wider reach to patients world wide. Since then Dr. Kapoor Clinic has been solving the SEX related problems by sending them the world class medicine at their door step.

New clients reach out to Dr. Kapoor Clinic via phone Calls, Emails with their history, symptoms and detail of their problems that they require to be treated. Our specialists call them and know the full history of the problems. Prepare the customized medication and provide/ send them at their door to all Indian & global buyers.

We keep the privacy of our clients as 100% confidential. We wish all our clients – A HAPPY SEX LIFE.

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