Who we are

Dr. Kapoor Urologist & Sexologist with his team Offers You A New World of Satisfaction

Dr. Kapoor Clinic is one of the oldest & most authentic Sex Clinic located in Bathinda, Punjab. INDIA. We are dedicated to provide you the best of life-changing medication for sex enjoyment. We are driven by the fact that the best form of sex-performance is the greatest satisfaction, ever enjoyed by the couples of any age group. We are proud to provide our clients’ ability to achieve the eternal sex enjoyment & satisfaction.

We are rendering our services in Sex-performance treatments since last 36 yrs. We provide the world class & high quality medications to our clients. Our treatment is without any side effects and therefore you can consult us without any worries or hesitations.

Dr. Kapoor Manifesto & Doctrine.

Myself and my team of sexologists have experience of 36+ yrs in the profession. We always believe that the sexual satisfaction/ health is an enriching aspect of one’s life and it must be enjoyed to the fullest extent even in the advanced age. It is our professionalism as well as duty to help/ cure our clients and their partners to enjoy the loving and sexually satisfying relationships. We are committed to provide purely herbal/ ayurvedic treatment, using only medically approved therapies and maintaining the rigorous GMP medical standards.

Rest assured: We are committed to respecting the 100% privacy of our clients. We always track patients' health over the long term support that helps us refine our treatment protocols. This policy helps us lead others. We always struggle with the motto & desire to help our patients enjoy healthier, happier and longer sexual performance.We will be glad to hear from you and help you remove your sex problems and providing you the healthier sex and confidence in performance.